Best Wayback Machine Alternative In 2021 - Tech Confrence

Way means path, Back means to move backward. Do you need the content in running a year from your website of 2000? For the blessing of technology, you are lucky to have a trustable non-profit library called Wayback Machine. It is an Internet Archive. This wayback machine is capable to reserve more than 300 billion content related to websites. By inputting the URL in the search box, we can effortlessly locate our solution.

Wayback Machine Alternative Categories:-

There are two types of wayback machine alternativeOne is to help you by reaching past websites. And other permits you to develop your wayback machine in the field of your required objective.

The List of Wayback Machine Alternative:-

Though Wayback Machine is not sufficient to fulfil your requirements, there is some wayback truly helpful machine alternative. Now we are going to focus on some essential wayback machine alternative in the following.



Do you need a perfect wayback machine alternative for your business or academy? Then it is Pagefreezer. It is accurate for your business, finance, Academy, retail sector and even in many government sectors. The great thing is that it contains both web and social information nicely. So the big industries always prefer to use this wayback machine alternative to keep their information under security. It is also popular among young users as it pleasingly stores all blogs, sites and social media content in a single niche. It is subscription-based, so needs $99 per month.


Still is familiar as one of the best wayback machine alternative. It seizes the screenshot of web pages in a routine like daily, weekly, monthly or hourly. So that the chance of missing one page is so less here. The wayback machine alternative Stillio analyzes HTML and images so properly. 

Domain Tools:

This wayback machine alternative is the way through that you can uncover the historical content or web pages, disconnected from the internet. Certainly, Domain tools light on Screenshot and Whois. It’s approximately $990 annually.

Archive. today:

This wayback machine alternative Archive. today is unbelievable easy to use. And it is permitted to use free first. So that it becomes so prominent recently. The best thing is that it keeps two different copies.


This wayback machine alternative site is merely created for academic purpose. It can preserve web pages endlessly. Especially poets, authors, editors handle WebCite. No need to pay for using it.


iTool is such a wayback machine alternative that can store complete data of a web page. It retains dual works for both repository and analytics. This is also free.


Pubnub is designed as a wayback machine alternative for business aims. It works like a search engine which we do on Google. PubNub is also open for every user.


This wayback machine alternative is the life giver to dead web pages. It successfully restores data from deleted web pages and broken links. You will be amazed to know that this valuable alternative is free to utilize.


Alexa is beyond comparison. It is like a research tool that is used for collecting website history. For this, it is taken as a part of Its price depends on subscription between $145 to $290 monthly.

Time Travel:

Time Travel is a type of wayback machine alternative that returns to the appearance of old web pages at a certain time. Yes, it is free.


This wayback machine alternative has owned three dimensional. It permits the collection of data from Google cache. It also has a Chrome app. So that you can browse Google Chrome here. It is completely free.